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Right now I should be writing my final, but I really don't want to. So I've decided to regal everyone about the family x-mas party that was held last saturday. I don't see my dads side of the family much and when I do I feel like crying either from boredom or horror. Okay, so maybe not horror as in "run, run away now" more like "I was adopted wasn't I?" kind of horror. I have nothing in common with the 20 or so relatives and that freaks me out. I hardly see them so I really don't know a lot about them. Which you know they could be completely likable, but when most of them live over 30 minutes away then I can't be bothered. That might sound harsh and they are good people, but what do you say to start a conversation with someone you barely know? I have the social skills of a 5 year old. Okay I'm being harsh on myself, I have the social skills of at least a 10 year old, sometimes. I'm pretty good at starting conversations that start with fandom or slash but everything else is just awkward small talk. Most of my immediate family knows about my fandom escapades, but I'm certainly not going to tell the ones that are so catholic I hurt just thinking about it. Okay there was absouletly no point to this rant at all. Now I have to go back to writing my paper ::cries::


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