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So heres what happened today,

A couple of days ago I heard my mother talking on the phone with my grandmother about my 14 year old cousin. I then went upstairs and I had a voice mail from said cousin. I had called her cell to try to get a hold of her mother, but I did not leave a message. I called her back and said and I quote "Hey ya I only called cause I was looking for your mother. Hey I heard your living with your dad I heard my mom talking about it with nini she said something like why didn't aunty michelle just send her here or something anyway talk to you later bye." Then this afternoon my aunt calls and starts yelling at my mother because of the message I left. Heres something you need to know about my mothers side of the family, there all gossips and everyone of them gets into each others business. One time one of my other aunts was over and got drunk and proceeded to tell my that at my age I should be going to school full time, or have a full time job, or both. She then told me I should be more like my cousin allison who likes to drink, works two jobs, which is why should could not get into a college of her choice(grades), and who has never been anxious or depressed in her life. So tell me was what I said so bad? Sure I shouldn't have got into there business but its not like I did it intentionally. My question is was what I said so bad that my aunt had to call up my mother and yell? Do I apologize? I'm thinking no. I'm also thinking that she should get off her high horse and reavaluate her parenting skills and marriage, considering she lives with her parents and her six year old daughter has never ad her own bed. She should also try to trust said daughter consider she does not let her out of the house. She won't even let her go to the mall, which is why the daughter is driving her crazy. Hello, you don't let her out and shes home with her mother all day. That would drive anyone crazy. My mother wishes I was a social butterfly cause I drive her crazy. I swear if she says anything to me I'm going to tell her to fuck off. Advice anyone?

Now on to job status, I had a job at an answering service, but after I trained for like two days I realized that I'm not going to waste there time. The lady who owns it told me that people quit left and right, and I didn't really get why it seemed pretty easy until the assholes and the penis guys. I'm thinking more on the lines of the library or blockbuster, somewhere were yes, you will get assholes but not penis guys.

BTW, This is the first real personal thing I've ever written on livejournal.

Any thoughts are welcome. Now I'm off to start my research paper, even though its like 2 in the morning.


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